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R. Crumb's Community's Journal

14th November, 2005. 2:25 pm. Help?(lisetboulanger)

If one were interested in R. Crumb and wanted to find his work, where would be the place to look? I've never read any of his material but have wanted to and don't even know any titles to look up, actually.

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19th October, 2005. 10:15 pm. Art and Beauty(cezar_thescribe)

Has anyone read this comic? What did you think?


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8th October, 2005. 9:28 am. Book of Genesis(burdurhur)

Anybody know how far Robert is along in illustrating Genesis? I just read on his son's website that Crumb has been going into hiding to work on it. I'm so excited!

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22nd June, 2005. 12:33 am.(batfatty)

During the massive restructuring at the Fatcave, I managed to locate my misplaced Robert and Aline Crumb drawings within 24 hours of each other. They're easy to lose a tiny 2x2 inches each (approx.). I got'em matted and framed today.

I got them both from Bill Griffith and they're both from the index pages from different issues of the late, great ARCADE comix magazine. Anybody know what #s?
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15th June, 2005. 10:55 pm.(batfatty)

I was looking at the contents of some old ZIP disks, and I found these matchbook sketch pictures I saved off of ebay years ago. I thought you guys might enjoy them.
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8th June, 2005. 9:33 pm.(beiderbecke)

this isn't a question regarding crumb's comics but his music. does anyone know where i can the music for "my girl's pussy"? i LOVE that song.

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1st June, 2005. 12:02 am. Aline(lobsterpajamas)

Does anyone know if there are any comic books available that feature Crumb's wife Aline's work? How to get them? How hard they are to find?

I've just been reading The R. Crumb handbook and I'm fascinated with his wife. I also found her interesting in the movie, Crumb.


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28th May, 2005. 1:38 am.(grizzlyeric)

Hey there folks. I just found this community and in addition to saying hello, was wondering a few things. I've watched the film on Crumb several times and think it's absolutely fascinating, and though each viewing has sort of filled in gaps regarding an understanding of all the different things going on in the film, there's still this gaping hole wondering what his sisters' stories are. Has anyone come across anything related to his sisters in interviews or articles or anything? I mean, as complete strangers I suppose it's none of our business, but if it's out there, I'm rather curious.

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26th May, 2005. 10:57 pm. Collectable Trading Cards(wired_alert)

So i was at a local small comic book store a while ago. and what did i find?....Robert Crumb's Trading cards! it was the characters one...still in mint condition and was still sold to me for its original price...i think it was 4 bucks i think..but yah, has anyone found any older Robert crumb stuff lately???

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18th May, 2005. 10:47 pm. Crumb movie(wired_alert)

I have been looking around for the "Crumb" movie for a while now and i have been geting no luck at all!!! ah! my last resort would be buying off of amazon or ebay, but before i do that i would like to know if theres a website i could download the movie\film from...or a program like kazaa.???

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