Steve Eggfacedhog (burdurhur) wrote in r_crumb,
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Book of Genesis

Anybody know how far Robert is along in illustrating Genesis? I just read on his son's website that Crumb has been going into hiding to work on it. I'm so excited!
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Hello there gorgeous. That sounds interesting. I wasn't aware that he was doing that. I read the R. Crumb Handbook and he seems to be going into this weird sort of metaphysical/new age period in his life. I guess that happens when death is around the corner.
Hiya! Doesn't it sound great? They say it might be two hundred pages long. The Book of Genesis illustrated by R. Crumb... How's that for a swan song? Norton is putting it out, so you know they'll be good to it. And to Robert. And yeah, he does seem to be getting a lot more spiritual. I loved his first issue of Mystic Funnies. That in particular struck me as being deep stuff. Yay for Crumb, even though he's getting old and we'll lose him eventually...


February 12 2006, 08:26:56 UTC 11 years ago

Jesus! The guy is only 60! You'd think he was 90 by the way you guys are talking! "Swan Song"!