Lease Uh Baker (lisetboulanger) wrote in r_crumb,
Lease Uh Baker


If one were interested in R. Crumb and wanted to find his work, where would be the place to look? I've never read any of his material but have wanted to and don't even know any titles to look up, actually.
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have you seen the movie "crumb"? its actually a documentary about his life and career. well also check out the r.crumb handbook or zap comix.
Thanks, that's helpful:)
Robert Crumb is also a character in the film, American Splendor.
Check out books:
Odd and Ends
The R. Crumb Handbook
I agree with the comment above. First you should check out the movie Crumb. That will give you a basic overview of his work. I also think the R. Crumb Handbook would be neat to pick up.

I know sometimes at places like Borders I've seen little anthologies of his work. You can also check out ebay.
OK, thanks:)

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Wow, ok, thanks:)